My Fit Tips

A collection of information and observations from my training.

Welcome To The Site

Warning!! - This site is a work in progress (and probably always will be.) Lot's of broken links and unfinished pages. I'll do my best to tidy things up and fill in the gaps as I have time.

If you are a slow, aging, aspiring triathlete, this might just be the site for you. In the Fall of 2014, unable to swim one length in a pool, I started training for my first triathlon and by the time I ran my first race, fell in love with the sport and haven't yet turned back. Now, having completed a Half Ironman, and planning to do more, I want to share what I have learned along the way in hopes that it might help another struggling mediocre athlete such as myself.

A good deal of information I see in forums and on other sites are from the perspective of high level age groupers who are in it to win it. They complain about their slow performance while at the same time crushing their age group. I wanted to share stories from the other side of a slow back to middle of the pack athlete just trying to keep up with the heard.

This site is not about speed! - Well, that's maybe a bit of a lie, but, as I get older (44 years old now) and hopefully wiser, the primary focus for me has been fun, form, efficiency and injury prevention. Sure, I always like to go a little faster, but, the aforementioned always takes priority. There is no use in going fast if you can't recover well or risk injury.

While you click around my site, please keep in mind that I am by no means qualified to be a trainer, nor would I even construe anything here as advice. It is merely a collection of my expreiences that I hope will shed some light on your own training or give you some differnet perspectives. Enjoy and as they say, your mileage may vary.

Thanks For stopping by!